Auction rules

Terms and Conditions of the Society 28 auction:

To be able to use the auction system of Society 28 registration and consequent activation of a user account is needed (confirmation of a link sent to the registered email address).
With completed registration user agrees with terms and conditions of the Society 28 auction.

Suggested opening bid, a starting price, is 2 000 CZK for each item.
Minimal bid is 500 CZK. After reaching the amount of 10 000, - CZK, minimum bid will be increased to 1 000, - CZK.
Each winner will be contacted via phone call or email and informed about possible deliveries of the auctioned item.

Society 28 has the right to sell the auctioned item to a person who submitted the second highest bid, if the auctioneer fails to meet the auction conditions.

Prices in both Czech and English versions of the auction will be denominated in Czech Crowns. In case of a foreign winner the price will be calculated using the exchange rate 25 CZK for 1€.


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