Auction "CZ & SK national team for Čiša"

Former Slovak footballer Marián Čišovský struggles for years with the insidious disease ALS.
The captains of the Slovak and Czech national teams decided to dedicate their representative jerseys from the match between the League of Nations of Slovakia and the Czech Republic to an auction, which will also be sponsored by the Association 28, in cooperation with the Slovak Football Association and the Football Association of the Czech Republic.
It is the foundation founded by the closest friends of Marián Čišovský. Both jerseys are also signed by national team players. The added value of the two jerseys is that the captain of the Slovak representation Martin Škrtel will take the 100th match in the Czech Republic and the captain of the Czech team, Bořek Dočkal in his expensive jersey will finish his first game as captain.
After Saturday - Slovakia - Czech Republic, the auction will start at, where in the "Auctions" section interested parties will find all the information.

Martin Škrtel about the auction:
"I believe my and the Czech jersey will be auctioned at a decent price and money will pop up to Marián, because we still see him as one of us," said Škrtel a charity idea.

Bořek Dočkal about the auction:
"I'm glad for any similar activity, Marián has been in the last two years in the last few years at a prestigious event, his life story is not indifferent, and if we have a chance to help him, we can do it," said Dočkal.

The auction runs from October 15, 2018 to October 31, 2018. The money raised will help Marián Čišovský.

The jerseys will be handed over to the auctioneers during the Czech - Slovakia (19.11.2018) Prague match.
We look forward to your interest and time spent with us!

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ID Category Title Current Bid High Bidder End Date Bid Now Image
377 VIP Aukce Reprezentační dres SR - kapitán Martin Škrtel + podpisy týmu 58,528.00 Kč m******o 31-10-2018 21:03
378 VIP Aukce Reprezentační dres ČR - kapitán Bořek Dočkal + podpisy týmu 8,028.00 Kč P******n 31-10-2018 19:10

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