Charity event “SRDCOVKA” (30/8/2015) – invitation

Well-known Czech presenter Míra Hejda and a manager from Československý Lev Miluše Dosoudilová are hosting a charity event on Sunday the 30th of August 2015. This event´s main aim is to support Marián Čišovský, Slovakian footballer from FC Viktoria Plzeň, who is currently fighting with amyotrophic lateral sclerosis. Profit from this event will go towards the charity organization Spolek 28, which was founded by Marián´s teammates and friends to help him with his fight against the brutal illness. “I watched the last game when FC Viktoria Plzeň won the title. Marián, even though he was suffering from this serious illness, got on the stage while holding onto Pavel Horváth.
I shed a tear. It was so unfair but it´s just the way it is with this illness. It was very powerful and I can still feel the emotions” said Míra Hejda. This is why Míra Hejda has decided to co-host this charity event with a manager of Československý Lev Miluše Dosoudilová. “This project, which is out for only few days, is already three times bigger than originally planned. Many famous faces have promised their attendance.
For instance Dominik Hašek, whose previous manager from Buffalo passed away because of this illness. The event will take place in Sportpenzion Pohoda in Letkov close to Plzeň as it is frequently used by FC Viktoria Plzeň before their games. The event will be supported by the whole FC Viktoria Plzeň team and mainly by Pavel Horváth. Other famous sportsmen such as Martin Ručínský, Martin Straka and Vladimír Šmicer will come and support this event. Also celebrities from show business such as Marek Ztracený an Zorka Hejdová have promised their attendance.
Afternoon of this event will be full of exhibition games (football, beach volleyball, tennis). Part in these exhibition games will take already mentioned sport and show business celebrities. The auction will happen in the evening. Profit from the auction will be transferred into the transparent account of the charity organization Society 28. If you want to spend the last August Sunday in company of celebrities and at the same time help Marián Čišovský, do not hesitate to come over to Sportpenzion Pohoda in Letkov at 3pm on the 30th of August 2015.

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